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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Feb 23, 2021

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way: being too accessible to clients, staying up too late to work on their business and having to do work on my vacation or holiday!

This episode is all about setting and enforcing boundaries. I want to encourage you to look out for yourself first, especially as a business...

Feb 16, 2021

I find it so inspiring to hear how other freelancers got started and found their niche. Today I’m chatting with award-winning podcaster Jen Amos about her journey in this online service world. 

Jen is a military child and Gold Star daughter who never found a traditional 9-5 job attractive. She told me recently, "If it...

Feb 9, 2021

I’m seeing it every day in my inbox from biz owners … one of the most requested digital services right now is for help with podcast and media pitching.

Course creators, biz coaches, membership site owners, etc. are in desperate need of help right now to get them on podcasts, virtual summits, stages and...

Feb 2, 2021

You're a business owner and it's time to have a plan.

A plan to keep your expenses under control.

A plan to pay those quarterly taxes without wincing.

A plan to pay yourself (so you don't end up being a slave to your biz).

And most importantly a plan to make sure your service-providing business is profitable and YOU...