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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Mar 29, 2022

Rita Suzanne is a digital strategist and self-taught web designer who helps health and wellness coaches gain brand clarity, define brand strategy to attract their target audience, and create a website in one day focusing on simple but effective conversion strategies.


In today’s episode she’s sharing 5 branding...

Mar 22, 2022

Noah Mittman, Founder & CEO of Snowman Films, is joining us to talk about all things video and how you as the unicorn digital marketing assistant can help your clients create and promote content with video. 


Today we’ll discuss basic video tasks, like resizing, editing, and creating slide decks you can do for your...

Mar 15, 2022

Will you make your money back? Let’s talk about the ROI and payback period of online courses. There are two types of courses that can help you. And here’s how to know if you’ll make your money back.


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Mar 8, 2022


When I started freelancing in 2009 I was charging $10 an hour. I didn’t know any better and I didn’t have any mentors to advise me.

I’m not proud of that wage, but over time things changed. Now I’m charging my worth while I work with the clients I love. In this episode I’ll tell you how I went from...

Mar 1, 2022

Keri McDonnell is one of my students who worked in corporate for many years before relocating to follow her husband’s career and then starting a dog grooming business. After 10 years she had to move again and leave her established clientele. Since Keri’s passion is helping others, she wanted to find something online...