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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Feb 8, 2022

Time to put on your big girl pants and start understanding your contracts. Trademark and intellectual property lawyer Kelley Keller is here to sweep away your fears when it comes to legalese and using contracts in your new freelance business.

She says most problems arise when there are omissions and lack of procedures for when things go sideways. Today she’ll give tips for how to get started and get over the bad stigma that legal contracts and statements of work have ingrained in us!

Her 3-M struggle bus will give you the structure you need in your self employed business. 

Lucky for us, her expert legal training will all be inside the UDMA Legal Tool Kit as part of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School —opening in March! This will help when your clients need: disclosures, disclaimers, policies and terms to go along with the work you’re doing with them. 

Don’t panic. We’ll make you a stand-out unicorn! You’re in good hands. 


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3 ways we can work together: 

  1. Get on the waitlist for the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School.  My signature course on digital marketing implementation will give you the confidence and teach you HOW to do the work that’s in demand and highly marketable. This is the secret weapon to getting booked out
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  3. Looking for a fast way to get your foot in the door with up-to-date skills? Take my 2-hour Quickstart to Facebook Community Management workshop and learn how to help online business owners like course creators and membership site owners manage and engage their community


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