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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Sep 27, 2022

I get asked these questions all the time: 

Where can I find clients?

How do I find clients? 

And the answer is so simple, and it's what I tell my students in my Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School to use all the time. 

We live in a self-centered world where everyone is posting pictures on social media. It’s all about how things look. Everyone is telling the world about what they can do and how cool their lives are.

Sometimes it seems like every single person is doing the same thing. Not only in life, but also at work.

You feel you can’t stand out, but there’s something you can do to change that.

Ask this one question to help you stand out above all the competition whether you’re a new digital marketing assistant or already have one client. 

Add in your current skillset, sweet spot, and the right magical words - you’re on the way to success.  

You’ll want to take notes as I give you the easiest way to get attention and share 2 bonus questions to use specifically for those who already have a client or two and want to add more quickly.


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3 ways we can work together: 

  1. Get on the waitlist for the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School. My signature course on digital marketing implementation will give you the confidence and teach you HOW to do the work that’s in demand and highly marketable. This is the secret weapon to getting booked out
  2. Got the skills but need help getting your digital marketing services business to take off? I’ve got an advanced tight-knit referral and networking community that can help and I would love for you to apply here for the Digital Marketing Workgroup. You’ll get the latest updates and trainings, networking opps and job leads from online business owners who are looking to hire digital marketing implementers and assistants.
  3. Looking for a fast way to get your foot in the door with up-to-date skills? Take my 2-hour Quickstart to Facebook Community Management workshop and learn how to help online business owners like course creators and membership site owners manage and engage their community


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