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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Jun 15, 2021

Pinterest is a powerhouse for business -- it's free AND it brings website traffic with high-quality leads who are looking for your clients' content!

Back in 2013, I didn't get Pinterest as a user. It wasn't something I wanted to play on. But I discovered the power of Pinterest Marketing when I was building and designing a media kit for Jennifer Allwood. I was setting up Google Analytics and noticed traffic coming from it. It was a fluke fest. People were finding her and sharing her content

What if we used Pinterest on purpose?

Long story short, my business exploded because I taught myself Pinterest marketing. It's been one of my most-requested tasks because biz owners need to get Pinterest off their plate.

And 8 years later, there's still soooo much work here. I think half our job leads have a Pinterest request!

I've invited Pinterest Ads Strategist and Marketing Manager Sue Crites @susan.crites to share her Pinterest Dos and Don'ts with us.

I'm so excited to pick her brain about all these crazy new Pinterest changes, best practices and all things Pinterest marketing!

Even more so, I'm thrilled to network with another Pinterest marketer and find out more about her services.


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