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Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Nov 23, 2021

Tamara is a Marine wife, mother of three, crafter and businesswoman with a six-figure business called Southern A-Door-nments Decor

I love her story so! She started her door hanger business while her husband was on deployment in Afghanistan with paint parties and has grown to a membership model with 1,000 members.

We're going to talk about her biz journey, her team of 11 members (including a few of my own unicorns) and how she communicates with them (or how she'd rather just paint the pretty things!) and insight to the tactics that helped her get there. (AKA strategies you'll want to share with your own clients or use in your own business)

"The moment that I decided to focus on community and worry less about the competition, to put on blinders, so to speak, and only looked at the path I was going on, things changed for me."

This is going to be a fun lesson from a fellow biz owner and you're going to walk away wanting to paint too!

I've been so happy to watch her success over the years!!

This is a referral community for freelance digital marketing service providers. You’ll get advanced trainings, networking opps and job leads from online business owners who are looking to hire digital marketing implementers and assistants. If you're already doing digital marketing implementation work for clients, and want to book out fast - apply for my VA Workgroup community. I’ve got jobs waiting for you! 

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IG: @southern_adoornments_decor 

FB: @southernadornmentsdedcor 


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